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For your protection, we have the latest hospital grade sterilization equipment and techniques, including "solid-surface" counter tops which are impervious to any stains, bacterium, and virus. Because poor water quality or tainted water is unacceptable to our patients, and may lead lead to bacterial, chemical & microbial contamination, Town Center Dental prides itself in only using distilled water to treat our patients.

As an added precaution to our patients and to ensure infection control and prevention in the dental setting are critical part to a successful dental practice, Town Center Dental does weekly spore exams in an effort to provide our patients an enviornment clear of unwanted exposure to transmissible infections during your dental treatment.

Leading edge dental materials can actually strengthen your teeth while improving your smile at the same time! Recent advances have made it possible to save many teeth that would have needed to be crowned in the past through early detection of fractures and placement of bonded restorations.

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